i was a very di…

i was a very disturbed young boy in my high school days,but i wouldn’t trade my developmental learning experiences for a less dramatic life

Just remembered,in my senior one,my saturday evenings in Budo,i’d shower(which was rare..lol),prepare my scanner radio(or borrow a walkman to listen to Westlife and Celine Dion..gayyyy!!!),iron my sunday ‘best’ t-shirt and baggy jeans(as if Buzz teens awards) all for roll call swagg and to go watch a movie in the school Hall..then since supper was posho,i’d refuse as if one of the cool kids and go buy canteen snacks..then stroll around the school as if an askari looking for people dark cornering,in the hope that i may run into my crush(i had a new one term).I had no discrimination older or younger,no one was safe from being my crush!!!
Then this saturday i plan how to talk to some S.6 i had a crush on,i planned for 3weeks as if FBI,tactics ,logistics and back up gate-away route if the plan was compromised..The different plans involved me fainting next to her or me knocking her books over,or saving her life from the Headmaster(really???)or some stupid movie facilitated tricks..Anyway,in the end i choose the ‘Bosco Heist’,where i asked one of my S.6 guy friends to steal her keys in their class,then i’d position myself one day,and ‘find’ them(yes,i was a very disturbed child)..We became friends since i was the ‘hero’,began to talk,i’d make her laugh,she’d wave at me on the school compound infront of my friends and i accumulated respect,she introduced me to her older gal friends,i chewed props for having a senior six female friend in senior one..i was living the good life,i even contemplated falling in love with one of them,thus breaking a Budonian world record and be the first S.1 to have a legit S.6 galfriend(day-dreaming expert just!)..Until one day,the Friendzone Bus arrived in style,i overheard her telling her bu galfriends,”Awwww,bambi,Denis,he’s so sweet n bubu..he’s as if our ka ‘gay’ friend”…..I didn’t attend class for 3days,the Rejection Recovery Process(RRP) was too intense!!!


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